Our Story

The Nisqually Trout Farm was founded by John and Marion DeBoer in 1948. The first farm is located in the Nisqually Valley, 10 miles north of Olympia, Washington. It's water source is artesian spring water which flows directly from the Nisqually bluff. The Nisqually site consists of 7 ponds, a 1 acre grow out pond and a hatchery building.

In that same year, the headwaters of Mill Creek became available, was purchased by the DeBoers and developed into Nisqually Trout Farm #2. This farm consists of 13 raceways and 3 ponds.

Shortly thereafter, the DeBoers nephew, Gerrit Stoker, joined the Nisqually Trout Farms. Together they grew the business into a very successful ongoing operation.

Gerrit and his wife Betty have four sons, three of which joined them in the trout farm. The business was incorporated in 1998.

The Nisqually Trout Farms, Inc. has continued to grow over the years, branching out from it's main business of stocking ponds and lakes into several new areas such as triploid grass carp, aerator sales and fish for bioassay testing and other research opportunities. Our focus has been providing our customers with the best products and service we can provide. Meeting customer expectations has always been our number one priority. How else do you operate as a successful business for over 70 years?