Pond Aerators and Fountains

Powerhouse aerators and fountains are a great way to enhance your ponds oxygen levels and visual appearance of your body of water. The aerators have a reputation of being very dependable units with a high oxygen transfer rate. The fountains beautify any lake or pond while also replenishing the oxygen levels creating a healthier pond environment.

Model F1000dp

Typical surface aerator used at our facility

High oxygen transfer rate

Poseidon Display Fountain

Lighted Display Fountain

A great enhancement to any pond or lake

Model F1000fdp

Mid-range Fountain Aerator

Perfect for ponds and small lakes

Nisqually Trout Farms, Inc is a distributor of Powerhouse Aerators. Many sizes, styles and lighting accessories are available. Please visit www.thepowerhouseinc.com for a complete listing of available options.